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Video: Jay Roacher Accapella

December 31, 2011 Posted by dands1 in Music, Video

(vid) Acapella's episode 4 - Jay Roacher

Episode 4 and one of my CHCH fam; Jay Roacher. Jay Roacher has been a good friend of mine since the early 00′s and is one of my favourite lyricists out of New Zealand in spite of any friendship bias. His rhymes are often self-reflective, sometimes depressing but always with top lyricism.

I’ve been living in Melbourne for 6 years and have only got back to NZ once to film in that time, so we shot a music video; but with Jay getting married recently and moving to Japan I wanted to get another clip or two made before it was too expensive to justify flights for a video. We shot 2 videos while he was here which will be launched in 2012. Check back on the site for announcements!

Filmed outside the Royal Exhibition building in Melbourne

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