Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saving the world sucks! by Sam Tanielu

Saving the world sucks.

As I left your world for the final time, I reluctantly turned back, only to see that flames had engrossed entire cities, and monumental buildings that had once seemed as if they were our gateway to the heavens were reduced to mere debris as if designed by a drunken architect.

Screams. When I’m alone, I drink lakes, rivers and oceans of coffee to keep myself awake. Redbull may give you wings but it doesn’t give me amnesia. I refuse to close my eyes sometimes because their disfigured faces appear and march haphazardly through my memories like a Dio de los Muertos for dreams and hopes that never came to fruition, but are now celebrated as nightmares of death. Their screams visit me in my sleep and aggressively intrude my thoughts and I am helpless in defending myself. Screams from the very souls I tried to save. Lest we forget.

Sometimes I can be in a crowded place amongst friends and family and still feel like I’m alone. This is what it is like to be emotionless, numb, dead. I am the author and protagonist in my own Shakespearean tragedy.

“Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day

To the last syllable of recorded time.

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death...

Lifers but a walking shadow, a poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more. It is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.”

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Audio: Alphabethead - The All Seeing Hand

The All Seeing Hand “Geronimo”

The All Seeing Hand “Geronimo”

My first turntable jam room as a boy was mostly underground save for two meters of windows looking into native bush. During windy Wellington storms the trees would wallop away at the glass threatening to break through. I would duet with the wind, rain and thumping plants – scratching in time or playing drones across the grain of the storm. We went off together!

Well, finally I’ve found a musician to take the role of the thunderstorm. Ben Knight has all of that same sound, fury and unpredictability. Improvising together can be a cacophony with our two entities seldom intersecting. However, when our playing does converge much to my delight Ben seems to know my next move even before I do! The tune Geronimo is one such occasion where we lock in together like an automotive assembly line.

The All Seeing Hand formed as a result of several Camp A Low Hum collaborations between Teen Hygiene and I. Geronimo is the first single of the debut album which documents our first incarnation as a turntable and drum duo. We have since added throat player Noel St Cosmos who brings a third reality into the mix. Please come and hear us play sometime – although different every time we do attempt this tune!

DOWNLOAD: The All Seeing Hand “Geronimo”

x Alphabethead

Audio: Louie Knuxx - Tumblrchk

Audio: Tourettes & Homebrew

Home Brew - Listen To Us feat Tourettes by homebrewcrew

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Video: Jay Roacher Accapella

December 31, 2011 Posted by dands1 in Music, Video

(vid) Acapella's episode 4 - Jay Roacher

Episode 4 and one of my CHCH fam; Jay Roacher. Jay Roacher has been a good friend of mine since the early 00′s and is one of my favourite lyricists out of New Zealand in spite of any friendship bias. His rhymes are often self-reflective, sometimes depressing but always with top lyricism.

I’ve been living in Melbourne for 6 years and have only got back to NZ once to film in that time, so we shot a music video; but with Jay getting married recently and moving to Japan I wanted to get another clip or two made before it was too expensive to justify flights for a video. We shot 2 videos while he was here which will be launched in 2012. Check back on the site for announcements!

Filmed outside the Royal Exhibition building in Melbourne

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Audio: Alphabethead - Libra vs Sagittarius

Libra Vs Sagittarius

Libra Vs Sagittarius

With Libra Vs Sagittarius I set out to make an entire love mixtape rather than a love song. Put simply, this was a mixtape made for a girl. The selections pertain to the bands we discovered together, gigs witnessed and moments shared. Many of these tracks are now highly evocative touch tones for me; little sonic reminders of those bittersweet times. Should I even be sharing this – I don’t know?

Well, my heart has long since been trampled and looking back at the listing now it’s a motley bunch of tunes. Neither of us had a penchant for pop music so our singalongs and snuggles were most frequently accompanied by Sunn0))) or This Heat! This was compiled December 2009 and stylistically speaking it’s one of my most diverse mixes. Most of the artists featured have entire discographies that warrant a listen. It also features a few of my favourite Wellington acts; Akaname, Thrashing Marling and Leila Adu! A couple of ABC originals in there too.

I hope some of these tunes resonate with you as well. Tracklisting below.

xxAlphabetheadxx -> DOWNLOAD: Libra Vs Sagittarius

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tour: Alphabethead & F in Math / Flying Nun


Throughout the month of November, Flying Nun Records will celebrate their 30th Anniversary. With over 20 shows throughout New Zealand, the anniversary features both old and new Flying Nun acts, along with some very special guests paying tribute to 30 years of the NZ iconic label.

While, it wouldn’t be a party without live music, Flying Nun Records also have exciting new releases and re-releases on CD, digitally and Vinyl. Plus a handful of new bands signed to the label.

While down south, F IN Math and turntabilist Alphabethead launch their tour which promises to include an interesting mix of Flying Nun covers, having given Alphabethead a bunch of Flying Nun vinyl to cut up, re-mix and re-write.

F in Math and Alphabethead
Nov 4 – Christchurch, The new Dux De Lux
Nov 5 – Dunedin, Chicks Hotel
Nov 11 –Auckland, Golden Dawn
Nov 12 – Wellington, Mighty Mighty

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